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Building and country house furnish

The Interesting fact: in all houses and apartments of Russians of construction of the Soviet and Post-Soviet period of a door, unlike inputs in the buildings, being in all other countries of the world, are located so that they open inside. It does not mean at all that spiteful builders at the time of the Father of all times and Joseph Stalin's people established the doors opening "ё эюуш" - for convenience of occurrence "Іэъртхфх°эшъют" in apartments of suspicious citizens. At all is not present! It appears, so it was moved still since ancient times when the Russian architects erecting apartment houses, aspired to secure settlers against snow drifts during which time the doors opening outside, could simply fill up with huge snowdrifts.

Such cases were in the nature and during not too remote times. For memories of countrymen stories about the blizzards, completely falling asleep snow to the roof all country houses are still live. It was necessary to especially heroic persons, having beaten out a wall part in economic pristroe, to climb through through a pipe on street and to clear away a manhole in an enormous snowdrift, rescuing itself and the family, and then and less quick and sharp compatriots from a certain death. And all affairs: has opened a door inside - and dig to itself!

Basically, the geographical position and weather conditions have made rather strikingly distinguishing the Russian exits of a country house from western and east. Though, apparently, than that is easier - a door, it and in Africa a door. And so podi you!.

By the way, the Russian constructions differ from foreign analogues also the "ярЁрфэюё=і¦" or "ёхЁэю=ющ". Only we have a concept so-called "ярЁрфэюую" an entrance called still by a lobby or a hall. It that initially bears in itself signs certain respekta, making impression elitnosti, sharply contrasting with habitual poverty narrow and ragged city ladder §юфют-"эюЁюъ" leaders through a gloomy stench in actually dwellings.

The Concept of former splendour occurring in our country within centuries, has appeared by the end of the last century almost lost when it have decided to revive again at first Petersburg, and then and the Moscow architects. With separate private residences, certainly, business is much easier. It is necessary to be defined only before the construction beginning with a place which is taken away to the future building.

  • By the way, east method of erection of private residences popular today and office buildings according to the doctrine the fan-shuj, took place to be and at our ancestors. Well, not absolutely the fan-shuj, it is final - the church in Russia strictly watched, that in "фхыр сюціш" the commonalty did not put the illiterate nose, having left everything that cannot understand, on consideration Supreme. It in the east with studying of everyones neponjatnostej arrived easier: you wish to learn, why it so - learn itself and tell to another. Actually, from buddistskoj permissivenesses also have gone wisdom Chinese and Tibetan, hitherto inexplicable for the person unsophisticated. And at us only two centuries ago scientists have acquired the right to studying of power, magnetic and wave fields. And until builders arrived much easier. And, by the way, not less effectively. They before the building beginning ordinary practised original approbation of power in a place of potential construction. Some ways were for this purpose used. The ants brought on a site, intended for the future country house were one of tests. If insects felt quite normally and tried to grow roots, putting a new ant hill, means, the place does not approach for human dwelling. After all ants prefer for a residence of a place with the strongest power that is absolutely counter-indicative to people.

  • Not less ancient method - a cup with the milk, exposed on a place of planned building. Or some the cups filled with milk. There, where the drink remained longest, and there was an optimum place for country house building. As fresh meat was used. Its pieces adhered on the ends of sticks thrust in different places of a site. Where meat kept the freshness longer, the best place for construction settled down. Such here existed at rusichej own "¶Іэ-°ѕщ".

    It is possible to operate in the old manner as our ancestors, and it is possible pofenshujstvovat, being defined with a site of inputs and exits of a prospective building concerning the nearby river or lake, mountains, hills and surrounding wood spaces. By the way, to adherents of east styles we will remind that the site nevertheless is better for choosing square for the square is a firm symbol of spirituality. And on district not bad looks. For nothing practical rusichi this figure at a distribution of lands never refused. Try, that water open spaces settled down before an input. It is desirable, far away, but so that all the same were visible. It is necessary to foreknow that the elements prepare for us. One more of indispensable conditions - the country house main entrance should be protected from bad weather influence: inside should not fill in neither tenants, nor visitors in the strongest downpour; it is necessary to think over an input so that to avoid nametanija snowdrifts; And still - in a main entrance has no right to walk about a wind. First, it is practical. Because so - in any case is more comfortable. Having entered into a premise, it is possible to feel itself not in the closed space closed from streams of a rain and flaws (at a stop too it is possible to hide temporarily from a bad weather), and practically houses, in heat and a cosiness. Having put on a dressing gown and house slippers, we completely will gain desirable effect of transformation. And, secondly, besides the power is created the favorable. Then, speak, the main entrance becomes a source of well-being for all inhabitants of a country house.

  • Chineses promise that harmonious use of all listed factors will by all means lead to prosperity and well-being. Unconditionally to trust in it it is not necessary, but nevertheless … After all really there is something thanks to what all these ancient techniques have remained and used to this day, developing and being increased. There are also the experts practising searches "эѕцэ№§" power fields for comfortable habitation. And they have considerable success.

    How to construct a main entrance mastering in the house, to finish it from within so that vsjak entering felt in it comfortably and cosy? Than to fill its internal space, doing it it is rather masterful (even if you not the professional joiner or the carpenter, it is possible to make each detail skilfully and beautifully - when you put in business I smother)? On these and other questions it is possible to find answers to pages of our site "Building and country house furnish".