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a porch Canopy

As the Porch is called opened, concerning the small size the platform before an input in the house. Input protection in the house from an atmospheric precipitation became the main mission of a porch originally. In due course the porch has got also decorative function: it became a house ornament. The ladder located before an input, its basic part, a canopy over it, a protection supporting a canopy by columns or arms, make a porch.

Earlier the porch was considered as an essential part of the house. In the ancient time it settled down sideways from the main facade. The input very conveniently connected both with street, and with a kitchen garden. On such porch adults had a rest, met neighbours, and children played. On a porch it was accepted to welcome visitors solemnly. Carved details of racks, svesov roofs, protections which were decorated by the owner or by request of masters, serve as though as a prelude to internal furniture of the house.

Porch Building begins with definition of its dimensions. The minimum sizes of a porch 1,5 X 1,5 the m, but the best ornament of the house becomes a porch bolshego the size with a bench or a porch-gallery. The width of steps of a porch makes 270-300 mm, height - 150 mm, and length - 1200-1500 mm.

For stone or brick houses a porch carry out from monolithic or precast concrete, for wooden - from a tree. .

To construct a porch, it is necessary to prepare a demanded building material at first: for a wooden porch - a pine bar section 12 X 12 sm, some boards in the thickness of 4 sm for rafters of a canopy and beams of a floor, a board for a platform and prostupej; for lateral racks and a handrail the bar section 5 X 7 sm (is required at construction of a porch or its separate details probably use and other building materials). Wavy lines (slate), sheets of roofing iron or a tile will be necessary For a canopy asbestotsementnye. Here it is necessary to consider, that coverings of a roof of the house and a porch have been executed from one material. The porch ladder is under construction by the same principle, as a simple external ladder. .

At two and more steps under a porch bring the independent base in the form of cross-section or longitudinal walls (brick, butovyh, butobetonnyh) against which lean kosoury or directly steps. To avoid various a deposit, the base of a porch and house is better for making the general, with identical depth zalozhenija. At building the ground floor floor is established on 30-90 sm above earth level. .

In that case when the base under a porch is not connected with the base of the house and it is supposed various a deposit, the porch is under construction on 30-60 mm below level of a floor of the ground floor of the house with a small bias for a drain of water from an external wall.

Basic parts of a porch are attached directly under a door and on the earth. At desire it is possible to decorate its lateral faces with an ornament, a carving etc.

Floors and porch overlappings are under construction on wooden beams; roofs, as a rule, stropilnye, with a various covering.

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