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the Carpet mosaic

Mosaic works is a process of facing of surfaces of buildings by decorative coverings. Works are usually carried out under drawings and drawings of architects and artists.

Process of manufacturing of cards of a carpet mosaic represents the following: separate tiles are pasted on a paper basis by bone glue as it provides easy removal and does not leave stains.

At facing by the given way the special attention is given to preparation of an equal layer from a cement mortal. Cards of a carpet mosaic keep within on a layer and are verified by a rule. When facing becomes enough strong, from its surface preliminary humidified paper and seams leaves are filled with a solution.

The Mosaic type from separate slices of smalt (colour glass), fight of ceramic tiles, a decorative stone. There is a direct and return set.

At a direct dialling of a particle of smalt or stone breeds are attached to a revetted wall by means of a cement mortal or special mastic on preliminary put drawing. In advance on a wall it is necessary to put a layer of a plaster knitting solution, and on it, in turn, the drawing which has been removed on a tracing-paper from the original. On contours of the received drawing shilom pin apertures, through which pattern prisypajut a powder of coal or a dry pigment.

Then plaster delete and paste particles of smalt of demanded colour. The direct dialling can be carried out and without a plaster layer, performing work on the revetted basis on which drawing is preliminary put. .

At the same way of a set it is possible to make and the integrated elements of a mosaic in the form of separate cards (plates) from which mount a mosaic panel.

At a return set of a particle of a mosaic on drawing stack a face sheet downwards, pasting them to a paper or a cardboard paste then, and a framework limiting a set, fill in a cement mortal. After the solution will harden, the received mosaic card overturn and mount on a cement mortal in a mosaic ornament. .

After that a mosaic grind, polish, and seams paint.

Cards of a carpet mosaic can be made of glass tiles or from large pieces of a natural stone - marble, slate, etc.

the Facing tile from glass

At facing works along with the ceramic the glass tile is used also. Finishing tiles from glass possess decorative properties thanks to a brilliant surface and bright colours. They are firm enough, durable, gazo - and kislotoustojchivy, are hygienic, legkoochishchaemy, ogneuporny, are cold-resistant. Sheets and plates from marblita, stemalita, the kovrovo-mosaic tiles, the enameled tiles, steklomramor, smalt, plates from steklokremnezita, etc.

are considered as the most widespread kinds of glass facing materials

For external furnish of facades usually use a tile of following kinds:

  • stemalit : flat glass tiles and pli you in the size from 400 to 900 mm covered on the one hand with an enamel paint. The colour scale is presented by the diversified shades. The face sheet surface can be as gladkopolirovannoj, and figured-shod;

  • penodekor: square plates, lateral which length of sides fluctuates from 150 to 450 mm, and the thickness makes 40 mm. The obverse surface at them smooth, is covered colour steklovidnoj by a colourfast film, the back party - rough that provides to it the raised durability of coupling with rastvornoj a layer;

  • marblit: a colour glass tile in the size 500 X 500 mm and thickness of 5-12 mm with the polished external surface and the corrugated back. Colours - milky-white, black-blue, violet, salad; can simulate marble with proveins of various colour. There are plates of black and green colour with brilliant, poured impregnations. For facing of corners of buildings use tiles with the rounded off edges or in the form of a segment. .

Almost all kinds of a facing tile from glass have low stsepljaemost with a cement-sandy solution (except penodekora), therefore a basis surface before facing it is desirable ogruntovat 7%-s' dispersion PVA and to apply polimertsementnuju a basis as a gluing (spreading) layer.

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