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Prislonnye ceramic plates

From all facing materials the most widespread the ceramic tile is considered. On the physical and chemical properties it favourably differs from other materials: it is hygienic, moisture resistant, water-proof and rather durable.

The Front ceramic tile happens glazurirovannoj and neglazurirovannoj. The back party of a tile, as a rule, has longitudinal riflenija with ledges in a kind lastochkinogo a tail that coupling with the basis was stronger.

Small-sized tiles are established in 6 months after the termination of a laying and after loading on Walls reaches not less than 85% from the full design.

Work on facing of walls begins with dismantling and sorting of tiles according to the sizes, colours and shades. Then walls proveshivajut also do a marking of a surface of a facade. Installation extreme among and on height of tiles-beacons on a plaster solution is made on the berthing cord tense on an upper edge of the first horizontal number of tiles. After a marking of number of tiles among and breakdowns of seams packing of the first row with replacement majachnyh tiles begins. .

Installation begins with horizontal numbers in a direction from below upwards with use porjadovok and cords-prichalok.

During facing a tile stack on a cement mortal (1x3) durability 7,5 MPa. For solution preparation use coarse-grained sand. Before packing a tile it is necessary on 10 - 20 minutes to presoak in water. Tiles stack end-to-end or vperevjazku. Bandaging of seams has only decorative character as does not influence durability of facing. .

For maintenance of the raised coupling with the basis it is necessary to humidify a tile poorly with a wet brush even before packing. .

The Basic ways of facing by a tile - a seam in a seam ( fig. 12 and ), vrazbezhku ( fig. 12 ) and on a diagonal ( fig. 12 in ). Last way is more labour-consuming, however looks most decoratively.

Ways of facing: and - a seam in a seam; - vrazbezhku; - on a diagonal

a Fig. 12. Ways of facing:
and - a seam in a seam; - vrazbezhku; - on a diagonal.

At facing of walls the width of vertical and horizontal seams should be identical. The revetted surface smooth out slightly damp fabric.

To filling of seams between tiles apply waterproof plastic solutions which interfere with destruction of facing because of deformation of the basis, layers, tiles and a material of seams.

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