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the Device domestic zasypnoj ladders

If there is a necessity to design small external ladder from 2-3 steps, most easier to make zasypnuju a domestic ladder. For zasypki it is better to take shchebenku with granite elimination, coarse-grained sand or slag with clay.

In the beginning it is necessary to prepare the inclined basis from a ground, and from above to lay stamped shchebenku. The Angle of slope gets out depending on necessity and features of a surface. The bowstring is made of boards taking into account that its surface and an embankment were at one level.

After that ladder elements gather. And podstupeni, preliminary processed by an antiseptic tank and covered with a waterproof paint, it is necessary to fasten boards of a bowstring strongly. Then the collected ladder establish on the basis, fix by means of pegs and fall asleep a ground from lateral aspect. The ground should be stamped well. After that ladder steps fall asleep the prepared material with which slightly humidify and poslojno stamp. Having finished building, fixing pegs clean. .

The Domestic ladder can be constructed, having taken advantage for manufacturing kosoura (a bearing beam of a ladder march to which top steps) and bowstrings a metal channel (height of 10-12 sm) or dvutavrovymi beams fasten. Steps of such ladder should have a rough surface. For example, for these purposes the corrugated steel well will approach. .

If the district on which the ladder is established, has a small bias for a protection of steps it is possible to take advantage komlevoj of a part of logs. They should be established end faces on the basis from the stamped sand. .

The Top planes komlevoj parts should have an equal surface and settle down at one level.

Preliminary packs are processed by an antiseptic tank. Those parts which will lean against a ground, it is necessary to impregnate with pitch, and the top planes - to cover with a moisture-proof paint.