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Doors of wooden houses

On logs of walls crests which on all length insert into grooves in advance are cut down. The door cloth enters into a quarter which choose from the interior of an aperture at all elements.

To Begin installation of elements of a frame follows from a pillow. It keeps within on a layer teploizoljatsionnogo a material. Then on this layer jambs and, in the latest turn, - vershinnik are established.

Doors in the house open outside more often; thresholds usually become in external walls.

The Bottom part of a box is levelled across by wedges; lateral faces on a vertical are checked by means of a plumb.

Correctness of installation of doors is checked the same as also window blocks.

In the course of installation of the door block it is necessary to watch that it has been moved in a structure on identical distance on all perimetre. Having checked up quality of closing of doors, it is possible to start their fastening.

For stone houses of a box do from integral bruskov or thick boards in the thickness of 50-60 mm, width 100 mm with the subsequent sample of a quarter, depth on a thickness bruskov doors and width from 150 to 300 mm more often. Bruski incorporate by means of thorns instead of which it is possible to use thick nails. To make boxes of boards for what thick (40-60 mm) and tes (10-20 mm) plane boards much easier. To generate quarters, tes fastens to boards by means of nails or glue. Box details gather on nails. .

Boxes are established so that bottom brusok was horizontal, and lateral - strictly vertical. After box installation krepjat to walls by means of thick nails, steel probes or ruffs. As into stone walls a nail to hammer difficultly it is preliminary necessary to drill or punch apertures shljamburom. Into them are inserted wooden nageli (stoppers) into which drive in nails or steel probes. .

Boxes for external doors follows krepit very strongly. Backlashes between walls and a box it is necessary preliminary prokonopatit in the dry or wet way to protect from blowing off. The way at which the backlash is filled with a dry tow or glass wool is called as dry. The essence of the wet consists that materials preliminary .