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Dressing of structures

For dressing of verandahs, terraces ( fig. 79 ), walls of houses, an input in the house and a porch apply beautiful twisted and kustarnikovye plants.

a Terrace decorated by colours

a Fig. 79. A terrace decorated by colours

At vertical gardening of a plant have on special support - lungs wooden, sticks. .

Plants land directly in the earth or in boxes. For what land in the earth, in the beginning prepare flutes depth of 40-50 sm and width 40 sm for landings in one number and 60 sm - for dvuhrjadnyh. The place for them is recommended to be chosen such that water flowing down from a roof did not get to flutes.

Twisted plants grow quickly, and the rich soil is necessary for them. Therefore the flutes prepared for their landing, fill with loamy soil and introduce complex mineral fertilizers. .

Plants adhere to pegs, as a vertical support pull a cord or a wire on distance of 15 sm from a wall. A bottom of this support fix pegs, and top adhere to a carnation or rejke. Young plants cautiously attach to a support, and then they start to braid it. .

At vertical gardening it is not necessary to place nearby different plants ( fig. 80 ).

Vertical gardening of the house

a Fig. 80. Vertical gardening of the house

For dressing of a verandah, walls of the house and other elements of construction approach a twisted nasturtium, vjunok different kinds, a white-red and orange string bean.

The Terrace is better for issuing bright, juicy colours. On it in different places flowers in pots and the big tubs have. pletistaja the rose with beautifully looks yellow tsvetkami, an oleander with the big red inflorescences, and also a nasturtium and barhattsy. In pendant pots it is possible to place hanging down flower cultures. For slaboosveshchennoj terrace parts it is necessary to pick up tenevynoslivye plants: krasnolistnuju a begonia, kamnelomku, balzamin, astilbu, funkiju. It is possible to create a composition from plants, having placed in its center high plants, and along the edges the undersized.