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Installation of doors

From that, doors are how much correctly made and accordingly established, appearance of the house depends. Especially it concerns street doors. Beautiful, accurate, they will force to pay attention of the passer-by even to the most simple house.

At installation of door blocks it is obligatory it is necessary to consider to a deposit of walls. For this purpose leave a backlash in 7-8 sm between top of a box and a wall with which fill teploizoljatsionnym with a material. .

Before to establish the door block, it is necessary to note a level on both parties of an aperture the bottom part of a door. Then on each side an aperture, having receded about 15 sm from its slopes, to put wooden wedges and to establish in an aperture the door block. It is fixed by means of screws in the locations of wooden wedges. For drilling of apertures under fastenings the drill in diameter no more than 1,3 is required the Doorframe see is inserted after the door will be completely collected. It is necessary that it was possible to change and adjust backlashes between a frame and cover. Except screws, for fastening of door blocks it is possible to use nails and synthetic foam. Especially well follows krepit boxes with sides as on them the basic loading lays down at operation of doors. .

After door blocks are inserted and strengthened, seams between slopes of apertures and boxes need to be closed cashing in. .

Better, certainly, door blocks to order already ready, together with boxes and to insert them into an aperture with a covering from one-two layers of pergamina-roofing material. Preliminary boxes it is possible proantiseptirovat. Apertures are cashed proceeding from requirements of the architectural decision and depending on a material from which house walls are laid out. .

Door covers fasten to frames of apertures which consist of 4 elements: vershinnika and the pillows, located accordingly from above and from below, on each side are 2 jambs. Among themselves they contact the help of thorns. .