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window Installation

To establish a window, first of all it is necessary to make exact gaugings of a window aperture. If they do not correspond to the made or got block, the aperture should be reduced or increased. It is necessary to consider that in the house with concrete walls change of a window aperture is almost impossible.

Now in specialised shops it is possible to pick up window blocks of any size, a design and the form: rectangular, square, round, polutsirkulnye, figured etc.

Installation of window blocks has some prominent features connected with a material of which the wall is made. In houses with wooden rublenymi walls window covers fasten without special work directly to a frame of apertures. The frame of apertures consists of 4 elements: vershnika - the top part, a pillow - the bottom part, and jambs on each side are located. They are fastened among themselves shipovymi by connections.

In the beginning on all length of logs of an aperture crests which then are inserted into the grooves located on jambs are cut out. In certain cases grooves become in pillows. Then from the interior of each element of the established jamb the quarter into which the window aperture is inserted gets out.

The First of established elements of a frame - a pillow. On a log sruba the layer teploizoljatsionnogo a material (a tow, felt etc. at first keeps within.), and then a pillow. After that on each side an aperture on the same isolating layer jambs, and in the end - vershnik are established. Thus between a log sruba and vershnikom the small backlash which caulk is left and after full house deposits (approximately in 1,5 years) close up a bar. .

For installation of windows in the stone house in walls are preliminary fixed wooden antiseptirovannye stoppers which window blocks join. This work should be carried out prior to the beginning oshtukaturivanija. The parties of blocks which incorporate to a stone wall, are preliminary processed by an antiseptic tank and closed by protective linings from roofing felt or roofing material. Then in the top part and from aperture lateral faces quarters depth 6,5 get out see Thus it is not necessary to forget that window shutters should open outside.

After the window box is established, its bottom bar follows vyravnit across by means of wedges. During adjustment wedges should influence only box end faces. .

On a vertical correctness of installation of the window block is checked by means of a plumb ( rice . 23 ). For this purpose define a point of intersection of diagonals of the block and lower a plumb so that its cord passed through this point. At correctly established window box the plumb cord coincides with a line connecting the middle vershnika and a point of intersection of diagonals.

Check of correctness of installation of the window block: 1 - a box; 2 - a plumb; 3 - a wedge.

a Fig. 23. Check of correctness of installation of the window block :
1 - a box; 2 - a plumb; 3 - a wedge.

Having established window blocks on all wall, check up, that depth of their arrangement concerning a surface was identical. Then be convinced that shutters and window leaves in a new window open easily. After that once again check up correctness of installation of the window block, and then definitively fix it in a wall. .

For fastening of window boxes in stone and brick external walls steel ruffs who are hammered into wooden stoppers are usually used.

Each vertical bar is fixed on two and more ruffs the distance between which should be about 1 m. .

Backlashes between a window box and a wall laying are filled teploizoljatsionnym with a material impregnated with a plaster solution. .

The Window aperture with separate covers in an installation time close from the inside a platband so that it did not prevent to open and close a shutter. From a wall outer side attach to a window box metal outflow with kapelnikom.