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Kinds of external doors

At present there are some various kinds of doors: the doors consisting of two shutters, screen doors, sliding doors, etc. And all this variety has been thought up that as it is possible faster and more hospitably it was possible to fling the doors open at home ( rice . 69 ).

Main entrance

a Fig. 69. The Main entrance

External sharnirno-developing doors are developed on the basis of application of knots and sections of typical joiner's products. Them establish on additional loops without rollers.

Besides, doors can be panel board, filenchatymi, plotnichnymi on laths and shponkah, in rare instances - glazed.

Filenchatye of a door can be with the continuous or dismembered cloth, with one or several panels, with board panels. Usually after manufacturing of a door do not paint, and varnish. Plancks of a lattice are cut out from boards, without mentioning a kernel. The width of a lath should be such that it was possible to cut the lock. .

the Door on shponkah is considered very strong and maloteploprovodnoj. It collect from stroganyh boards on which edges choose quarters or shpunty. The prepared boards keep within abreast, are levelled, densely compressed, then risks for sample of grooves under shponki are put. For an identical corner has spent on drink on all boards it is applied planed at an angle 45 ° brusok which fastens about a groove. Between prosaws wood choose a chisel so that the groove bottom was equal. .

Shponki can be usual and with flow, the form - trapezoid. Do them from bruskov, and its width are longer than boards of a door equal to a thickness. SHponki with flow on two parties should have sponges. .

Having collected boards on shponkah, mark acting places and, beating out shponki, adjust boards. Then them again drive in to a limit and cut off the ends on a cone. A door cut off on a square, a face sheet plane, checking the sizes a ruler. .

the Glazed door is made the same as and filenchataja. For it it is recommended to use especially strong glass.

the Panel board door can be continuous and trellised. Bruski stick together among themselves otfugovannymi with the parties, then face sheets are levelled and pasted over with plywood or wood-fiber sheets. The door becomes much stronger, if bruski in addition to fasten nageljami. Apertures under nageli can be drilled or hollowed. .

As a material for doors the tree or materials similar to it, and also metal, glass, plastic more often is used. It is necessary to remember that the natural product brings comfort in the house and supplements external furnish of the house, creating unique and harmonious shape. The door surface can be made original, having combined simultaneously some materials.