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plaster Kinds

To furnish of facades except usual plaster apply the decorative. It gives the chance to diversify colour registration of the house and to simulate more expensive kinds of furnish.

There is a decorative plaster of several kinds:

  • colour - on an izvestkovo-sandy solution with addition of painting pigments;

  • stone - on a cement mortal with a stone crumb of certain rock;

  • terrazitovaja - from specially prepared terrazitovyh mixes (quartz sand, a stone crumb, mica to exhaust-pushonki and cement);

  • sgraffito - on two and more colour solutions of the different colour, giving the chance to create relief colourful drawing. .

Color izvestkovo-sandy plaster more economic. Into its structure enter the limy dough, portlandtsement marks 400 (white or grey), quartz sand or vysevki rocks and pigments. By means of various methods of drawing nakryvochnogo a layer (nabryzgom, creation of the type-setting and combined invoices) and its furnish (in the plastic or semihardened condition) receive various impressive furnish of a surface. .

Stone plaster the most labour-consuming and difficult. As a filler in a solution the stone crumb of certain rock is used. The hardened surface of stone plaster process percussion instruments (trojankoj, buchardoj or chisels). After such processing the surface reminds a natural stone (marble, a granite). Instead of processing by percussion instruments apply also other way - after hardening stone plaster pickle 5-10%-s' solution of hydrochloric acid, and then wash out water. In this case the superficial (cement) layer of the hardened plaster collapses acid and relief expressive drawing is formed of a stone crumb. .

plaster is going to exhaust-pushonki Terrazitovaja on solutions, cement, mica. As fillers quartz sand and a stone crumb various krupnosti are used. In the semihardened condition terrazitovuju plaster process gvozdevymi brushes, tsiklevaniem gear tsiklej, peskostrujnym the device. After such processing the surface looks as a tufa or sandstone. .

Plaster sgraffito - a special kind of plaster for is decorative-art furnish of buildings. At first put a colour preparatory layer, then 2-3 colour nakryvochnyh a layer, then on not strong solution (not later 5-6 ch. After its drawing) vytsarapyvajut (partially cut off) the top layer (layers) special tools (skoblikami, shovels, chisels). Thus, underlaying plaster coats are bared and the relief colourful ornament or drawing is created. .

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