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the Lawn

The Lawn is the important part of a flower bed and is used as a background for it. The site under a lawn is better for choosing opened, with insignificant zateneniem during the day. At first it is necessary for levelling. Level of a soil layer of a lawn should correspond to level of paths. Some months prior to crops on it clean weeds and dig over on 1 bayonet of a shovel. Under the first perekopku bring a considerable quantity of organic fertilizers. If soil clay, that is brought, besides, by river sand and humus, and in easy sandy soil add compost or the rotted through leaves. .

Vyseivat a lawn is possible in the early spring, in the middle of August or in the late autumn - in the beginning of November (under snow). One week prior to crops of seeds it is necessary to dig over a site the second time, to remove weeds and to introduce mineral fertilizers. Seeds gazonnyh grasses should be mixed with sand. One part of seeds scatter along a site, and another - across. Then with the help grabel slightly prisypajut crops in longitudinal and cross-section directions. .

In some days after crops it is necessary to water soil melkorazbryzgivaemoj with a stream (not to admit washing away of seeds). Depth of humidifying should be not less than 3-5 see

Care of a lawn consists in regular polive, top dressing, weeding, a hairstyle. .

Simeon gazonnyh grasses can be got in special shops. Mixes of grasses on sale happen picked up for lawns of different function and for different soils. .

To lawn cultivation apply seeds of cereal grasses with small gentle leaves: ovsjanitsa meadow and red, mjatlik meadow, rajgras pasturable, polevitsa white and ordinary, a clover white. These grasses winter-hardy also give bright greens since early spring. .