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Locks and locks

Traditional way of restriction of penetrations on any territory or in a premise is installation on any doors of locking devices. From them the most simple both habitual - locks and locks opening by keys which have some versions.

Dead locks become stronger in a door cloth, weakening it a little, and demand considerable expenses of time for installation. A dead lock improved version is mnogorigelnyj a dead lock locking a door by several crossbars, moving divergently that raises its durability.

Mechanical locks

Among mechanical locks the greatest popularity use cylinder which possess very high durability. Keys to them represent a half of the cylinder with raznonaklonennymi sites that complicates selection of master keys to such lock. .

Usual English locks are considered as less reliable, therefore at their use on one door should become stronger not less than two locks. Optimum protection of a premise is provided some with such adaptations of different kinds. .

Coded locks

If the electronic or mechanical adaptation joins the usual mechanical locking device for reading of the information or a code set it will strongly complicate penetration into a protected premise of extraneous persons, since. To open a door it will be possible, only having a key and knowing a code. .

Locks of the given kind have one lack - at a set of a code there is no necessity to observe a strict order of introduction of numbers, all combinations of figures thus can be touched for a small time interval. Therefore for increase of degree of protection it is necessary to use combinations of various kinds of locks or the electronic locks having infinite number of combinations of figures. .

Electromagnetic locks

For doors the electromagnetic lock, which basic part containing an electromagnet well approaches, is attached on a doorframe, and on a door there is an anchor in the form of a metal plate. At use of such lock it is necessary to remember that for work it should be connected to the power supply. .