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Manufacturing techniques of stucco mouldings

At furnish of facades such versions of a modelled relief, as high reliefs and bas-reliefs are used. The high relief massivnee a bas-relief also differs from it the big allocation of modelled figures on a flat background.

Before to start execution of the conceived decorative element, it is necessary to make its model at first. The best material for its creation is clay.

To Begin work with clay it is better from reliefs small (10-30 mm) heights, using the simple ornaments consisting of small quantity of small elements. .

Works are the most convenient for making on a special support, displaying on it a material both hands. By preparation of clay for work it intensively knead, deleting air congestions.

For relief creation on a support leave a material small amount, then under the pressure of fingers of both hands form it of the future product. Relief drawing is created by means of change of force of this pressure. It is necessary to remember that in heat clay quickly dries up, therefore movements of hands should be fast and exact. .

Superfluous clay from a product is easy for removing, using stacks. The small layer of clay can be removed, having placed a stack tip in any point of a product and with easy pressing, having spent it in the set direction. The necessary layer of clay thus leaves. A stack hold in one hand, but for its convenience hold with the second hand. Remote clay can be blinded in a lump, then to wet and use once again. .

Independently to create a relief ornament, it is necessary to master receptions of a moulding of its separate parts, for example leaves, colours, sockets. 2 most simple are more low described a way of a moulding of small details. .

For a moulding of leaves it is necessary to have the copy which has been removed from the present sheet or its drawing. In the beginning the clay small amount is displayed on a support, the transparent paper with a drawing copy, and then a sharp tip of a stack its contours from above is put are transferred on clay. On a background on a contour gives all the best a few clay and it is levelled under the sheet form. A stack it is possible to correct a contour and to draw on provein sheet, a few having trampled down about them clay that proveins acted over sheet. The sheet can give especial camber, a few having cut its edges. In this case the sheet will hang as though over a background plane ( fig. 26 ). Very important at execution of an ornament from leaves, colours and fruits precisely to reproduce on all of them thin details of drawing. .

Manufacturing of sheet from clay

a Fig. 26. Manufacturing of sheet from clay.

The ornament of facades of buildings uses the diversified sockets the Great popularity. Their models make of clay. The basis at all sockets plaster, extended by means of a template to the round form. In the beginning on the round basis put shellakovyj a varnish, and on a template extend a clay polyhedron edges at which are bent inside - a socket profile. If the socket has asymmetrical drawing from clay mould all its details if symmetric - details of an ornament which repeat. From the received clay model take off the uniform, cast from plaster the necessary number of sockets and other elements of an ornament and strengthen on a wall.

The facade decorated horizontal ornamentirovannym with a belt Well looks. For a rectilinear ornament the model is required. For its manufacturing on a plate from plaster put a grid with length of the party equal to width of draught, and draw on it contours of a desirable ornament. By means of a template extend plaster draughts (look more low), cut them on a part, attach them by means of plaster on contours of an ornament and smooth out all junctions ( fig. 27 ).

the Scheme of a rectilinear ornament: and - the drawn drawing; - the pasted draughts; in - the finished part

a Fig. 27. The scheme of a rectilinear ornament :
And - the drawn drawing; - the pasted draughts; in - the finished part.

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