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the Obverse laying

the Obverse laying is considered the most widespread way of furnish of facades.

The Laying at which the external verst is laid out from painted or ofakturennogo a brick with rasshivkoj seams, name obverse. At such laying an external surface of walls spread only a brick with correct edges and corners, other part of a wall - a usual brick and a stone.

Ceramic bricks or stones more often are applied To external facing with a smooth surface (ofakturennoj and relief), the painted silicate bricks and silicate, stones. A profile brick with a convex, triangular or concave side tychka or a spoon stack on external verst at single-row or mnogorjadnoj to bandaging system. Such laying carries out decorative strips on the top parts of walls (friezes), some inserts and deaf sites of end faces of a building. .

To give to a structure unique shape, on facades spread figured and relief drawings, corbels in height in some numbers of bricks, ornaments, use colour rasshivku seams.

At vykladyvanii corbel details on a facade do a ledge in the form of arms with a step profile. Release of arms should not exceed half or three quarters of a brick. Arms give all the best from a brick laid on an edge or flatwise. Intervals between them give all the best from usual bricks and are filled with concrete inserts. .

To create on a facade a treatment of light and shade, bricks it is necessary to have sides at an angle to a wall plane. Thus acting bricks put in chessboard order; the part from them during building keeps within flatwise, and others - on an edge. .

For maintenance of bandaging of vertical seams of a facing layer in laying corners trehchetvertki keep within in adjacent tychkovyh numbers serially that tychkovoj, lozhkovoj the party. Thus will be displaced accordingly, and to tie vertical seams in versts. By the same principle packing trehchetvertok in corners tychkovyh numbers of brick facing is made at a laying of walls from utolshchennogo a brick in the thickness of 88 mm. .

From obverse ceramic bricks in the thickness of 138 mm tie up the Laying with other part of a wall through six numbers tychkovymi numbers of a brick or ceramic stones through three numbers. .

The Laying of walls from concrete and ceramic stones, from a brick with facing by obverse ceramic stones carry out in usual sequence, since external verst. Thus it is necessary to observe a thickness of horizontal seams in facing verst - 10-15 mm - and a thickness vertical - 8-15 mm.

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