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Colouring of facades

Colouring of a facade of the house is one of traditional kinds of external furnish and is carried out for protection of walls, other building designs against influence of environment and appearance improvement. This simple enough, but an effective remedy of protection against a rust, rotting and destruction. By means of bright and contrast colours it is possible to expand alternativeness of facades, to combine colouring with other kinds of furnish. Now there is a wide choice of waterproof, quick-drying paints and varnishes for external furnish of the house. Rich colour possibilities of these materials allow to reach high aesthetic qualities of a facade. .

Colour, tone and a colouring shade are chosen by the owner of the house. However thus it is necessary to consider brightness the colours reflecting properties of the painted surface, ability of colour to influence an emotional condition of the person.

On tone, paints divide on cold and warm, light and dark. One colours operate soothingly on sight, others irritate and tyre, etc.

Blue-green tone carry to the cold. They are considered quiet and increasing the area of premises. They are better for using at furnish of the walls leaving on a South side. .

All shades yellow, orange and red consider warm, irritating and reducing premises. They are expedient for applying at colouring of the facades focused on the north.

Violet colour causes sensation of anxiety and depression. .

Light and warm colours opticheski approach a subject, dark and cold - delete.

The Light paint paint the top parts of walls or any elements of a facade, and dark - their bottom parts. If to make on the contrary, there will be a sensation of instability. .

Paint and varnish coverings happen transparent (varnishes) and opaque (paints). Varnishes underline the material invoice. At a covering, for example, a wooden surface the natural beauty of a tree is effectively underlined. By means of a paint, on the contrary, it is possible to eliminate to (hide) defects.

Paints and varnishes on svetootrazhajushchej abilities happen brilliant (glossy) and matte. Matte, besides, can be smooth and rough, and also granular. Their such properties are reached at addition in a painting covering of this or that napolnitelja. .

For colouring of external surfaces including facades, it is necessary to apply waterproof and svetostojkie paint and varnish coverings.