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the Porch from metal

To the House combined from a brick and covered iron, the finished kind will give a porch from metal ( fig. 67 ). At such porch sves roofs leans on two columns from pipes in diameter of 80-120 mm, the top is combined from prosechennogo gland. Porch and ladder protections are made from gnutogo gland.

the Porch from metal: and - a porch; - the bending adaptation

a Fig. 67. A porch from metal:
And - a porch; - the bending adaptation

For protection manufacturing strip iron is required. For this purpose on a workbench the special adaptation is established. The lever with the plug welded on it rotates round the probe-axis attached to a desktop. On the lever at its short end some apertures with which help the probe-emphasis fastens are made.

In a workbench drill some apertures into which insert motionless probes-emphasis.

The lever Made of a strip steel should be in the thickness 5-6 and width 40-50 mm. Shtyr and probes-emphasis are carried out from bolts and hairpins in the thickness more than 10 mm. The Probe-emphasis fastens by means of two nuts which are located from both parties of the lever. Shtyr and motionless probes-emphasis fix on a workbench two nuts, preliminary having laid under them washers in the thickness more than 3 and diameter not less than 50 mm. .

In the adaptation put a strip and turn the lever clockwise. As a result the strip should be bent. Prestavleniem the probe-emphasis on the lever and the motionless probe-emphasis on a workbench it is possible to receive gnutye details of the necessary form. If necessary it is necessary to take advantage of the second probe-emphasis. .

Preparations of details are full-scale made on preliminary prepared template. In the beginning it is defined, what size there will be all preparations and how many it is required them on all fencing. Then strip iron cut for pieces of the demanded length in necessary quantity and start to them gibke. Bend details serially: at first one sites of each preparation, then others.

After preparations will be ready, it is possible to start connection. Here two variants are possible: by means of rivets and by means of welding. .

During connection with the help of rivets it is required, that fencing drawing was rational and all details could be riveted without special work: to get to a head of a rivet a hammer, to bring in a proper place an emphasis, etc. .

If there is a possibility to use welding in this case fencing drawing can be the most intricate.

At assemblage of a protection of a porch and a ladder at first connect all identical parts of a protection which then incorporate in a single whole - sections. Sections are welded on columns and other vertical steel elements. .

In that case when the porch is under construction of concrete steps, drilling of concrete and protection fastening in it here will be necessary. Apertures in a stone can be drilled an electrodrill with pobeditovym a drill. The demanded diameter of apertures - 12-15 mm.