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Processing of carved products

Ornaments of an outer side of a building always are exposed to sun and moisture influence. That products did not lose the original form, a material of which they are made, should undergo to special processing. Usually decorative elements from a tree coat or a varnish. Before it the product is necessary for grinding a skin and if it is necessary, to bleach and obessmolit. .

The Most simple means for wood bleaching is 10-12%-s' solution of peroxide of hydrogen in which liquid ammonia is added. The product is necessary to cover with a solution 3 times with an interval 10 minutes. After that the tree should dry out within 2 days. .

Coniferous breeds contain pitch which disturbs to tree processing. Therefore pitch from a product surface is necessary for removing by means of gasoline, acetone, ethyl spirit or any alkali, for example kaltsinirovannoj soda. Thus wood usually gets a dark shade. .

To Change colour of a carved product it is possible, having covered it morilkoj or painting means. Usually use synthetic dyes or broths from various plants. After colouring the product should be processed carefully a small skin. .

Wood possesses property to absorb liquids put on it, therefore before product varnishing its surface usually is grounded or becomes covered porozapolnitelem, consisting of a mix of vegetative pitches and wood oils. After that it is possible to put on a decorative element a thin layer a natural or synthetic varnish. After full drying of the first layer it process a small skin and put the following. In a day after drawing of last layer the product surface is necessary for wiping gasoline or kerosene, to process a skin and to grind by means of a soft rag. .

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