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surface Protection

For protection of a facing material against harmful atmospheric influence, safety of furnish and its decorative properties there are some ways.

To protection karbonatnyh breeds apply gidrofobizatsiju surfaces facings kremnijorganicheskimi liquids. After such processing the stone surface gets water-repellent properties, becomes soiled less, increases morozo - and atmosferostojkost, thus colour, the facing invoice, paro - and air permeability are not broken. .

Preparation of waterproof liquids recommends to engaged only in vitro. Before to put a waterproof solution, the structure surface is necessary for clearing of a dust, a dirt, oil stains and to close up defective places and cracks. It is possible to put a protective liquid in 1-2 days after preparation. The distance from an atomizer to a covered surface should be 0,3-0,5 m, diameter of a torch of dispersion of 500-600 mm, diameter of an aperture of a nozzle of 1-2 mm. .

Works on gidrofobizatsii are made in two stages at temperature not more low 5 °s in windless weather (at a light breeze it is necessary to watch the form of a torch and to regulate fishing tackle movement). The repeated covering is put depending on air temperature in 10-60 minutes. In rainy weather gidrofobizatsija it is not made. .

The Waterproof layer is formed approximately two days at temperature not more low 10 °s. It is desirable to protect for this time a surface from water; in case of a rain it is recommended to blow in a surface warm air (40-60 °s). .

the Waterproofing is applied to protection of a facade of a building from penetration of water into design walls that causes dampness in premises.

The Waterproofing of walls can, is carried out also in other ways: by means of colouring or surface pasting by waterproofing materials. As isolation use also Asphalt or cement plasters. The painting waterproofing is carried out by means of bitumen of different marks and napolnitelej, bitumen mastic, materials on the basis of synthetic pitches and polymers. Pasting (basically) is made for internal isolation by means of rolled materials (hydroashes, roofing material, izola and brizola), pasted by means of bitumen mastic. .