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Protection of windows

It is known that at well protected door often it costs nothing to malefactors to get into the house through windows. Therefore that who wishes to save the property from attempts, it is necessary to take care of strengthening of all windows and technical apertures of the house.


For protection of the big windows, ventilating mines, garret and basement windows lattices of different kinds are used. The windows most accessible to penetration (located on the ground floor or near to a drainpipe) are necessary for closing the most powerful beskarkasnymi lattices . It is necessary to remember that lattices at those windows which can serve as emergency exits, should be supplied by internal locks.

Owners of houses quite often endow durability of chosen lattices for the sake of their grace. It is necessary to consider that lattices with rods to 1 sm do not provide in the thickness sufficient degree of protection of dwelling. Much more reliable are lattices with thickness of rods from 2 sm and in distance between them to 12 see At desire of the customer of a lattice are made with drawing, thus it is necessary to give preference to those patterns in which the crossing of rods is used.

For increase of degree of protection of the house it is possible to establish on each window on two lattices: one from within, and another outside. It is not necessary to strengthen lattices very close from that party on which it should open. .

Each rod beskarkasnoj lattices should be reliably fixed in a wall, leaving in it on depth, not smaller than 10 the armature giving to a lattice additional stability see Thus, should be in a wall from an outer side from rods. Between a wall and a lattice strengthened on it it is necessary to leave an interval not less than 10-12 Crossing rods in crossing places see it is necessary to weld to each other. At manufacturing beskarkasnyh lattices rods with square, round or shestigrannym section can be used. .

the Frame lattice consists of a basis - the metal frame made of corners in width from 3 sm, - and welded on upon it from the interior of rods which should have a thickness not less than 1,5 Rods see it is necessary to weld so that the pattern consisting of squares or rhombuses with length of the party turned out, not exceeding 12 see

The Frame of an established lattice should coincide precisely on the size with a window aperture and adjoin to a wall as it is possible more densely. Such position of a lattice increases its reliability. If for a lattice ornament any decorative details all their ends and junctions with rods should be thoroughly strengthened by means of welding or priklepyvanija are used. .

For strengthening of a frame lattice not to a wall pins about 2 are used in the thickness They see go deep into a wall on 10-12 sm on distance to 50 sm from each other. Other end of pins cooks with a frame. It is necessary to remember that the quantity of strengthenings directly is connected with stability of a frame lattice. The special metal overlays welded on a frame densely close pins, interfering with design shaking.

The Lattices which are on internal walls of a building, are made as, but can fasten less rigidly. At those windows which open inside, it is necessary to supply all security adaptations with a safe lock. Has from outside flown down such lock it is necessary to cover with the small piece of metal sheet welded on rods to complicate opening of the device from a window outer side. On the lattices closing windows which height exceeds 150 sm, it is necessary to establish not less than two locks. At a choice of locks it is recommended to give preference to locks with short handles, since. To crack them it is very difficult.

Gauges of breaking up of lattices

Gauges of breaking up of lattices which fasten on a frame in the most inaccessible places from lateral aspect are applied To creation of conditions for control of a condition of lattices on a considerable quantity of windows. Usually at each window 2 gauges become stronger. .

Each gauge consists of the tight contact fixed in a wall opposite to which on a frame the small magnet is established. If attempt of removal of a lattice is carried out or strong blow is struck to it, contact is disconnected also the gauge signals about breaking.

If the building is enclosed by lattices on perimetre as the gauge it is possible to use the thin wire connecting a lattice with spring contact, located on an internal wall. For its conclusion outside in a frame bore through a small aperture then a wire lead round round any knot of a lattice. The signal about breaking arrives, if the wire breaks or strongly stretches. If the distance between a lattice and a window exceeds 10 sm, the wire is necessary for isolating from environment influence. For this purpose it place in a thin tubule which have between a frame of a lattice and a window. .