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Repair of doors

If in apartment the door swings open by itself from the slightest draught and thus creaks, means, has come to make time small repair. To get rid of a door scratch, it is necessary to grease loops with lubricating oil simply. Under a door it is necessary to put an edge of an axe or any wedge, to raise it on loops and to start some drops of lubricating oil in the formed backlashes about pins of loops. Subsequently greasing is necessary for repeating from time to time.

Instead of oil it is possible to use a slice of a slate pencil from a simple soft pencil: it is fine lubricant and serves very long. Under weight of a door he will turn to original greasing.

If the door opens and is closed by itself from a wind, it can mean that loops are attached not strictly vertically, i.e. It is wrong. If the door swings open itself it is necessary to move the top loop in a jamb. If the door is closed - it is necessary to enclose a lining under the bottom loop or to rearrange it in a jamb. .

Jamming of doors can happen because of the become loose door loops. In that case it is enough to replace screws on which they fastened, on longer. It is possible to leave and old but then it is necessary to strengthen nests in addition. For this purpose in apertures fill slices of a wire bast for washing of ware or drive in the wooden stoppers preliminary greased with glue. It is possible to get rid of jamming, a few having drowned loops in nests. .

To prevent a door or frame warp, it is enough to drown that loop opposite to which it has warped. If all these measures not pomotajut, it is necessary to cut off the top layer of wood against that place where there is a jamming. As arrive and with the door which has inflated from dampness. It is often enough to process a door end face, without removing it from loops, a rasp or a rough emery paper. If it is required to remove thick enough layer of wood, the door should be removed from loops and to process it from the same party. .

To remove a door from loops, it is necessary to place completely under it an axe or other lever, to take a door for the middle and, slightly shaking on loops, to lift the lever. If the door box does not allow to make it it is possible to take advantage borodkom or a thick nail and to beat out pins at first from the bottom loop, and then from the top. After that the door can be removed cautiously.

Before the beginning of adjustment along door edge from outside loops the line to which it is necessary to clean superfluous wood is spent. Work is carried out by sharply ground plane, a rasp or an emery paper. Then the processed edge is ground by a small emery paper. If there is a necessity, the chisel cuts down new nests for loops.

When the door has settled, and loops are perfectly in order, it is possible to try to enclose between the top and bottom halves of loops of a washer or a ring-lining from tesalnoj a wire and to grease with their lubricating oil. .

If depending on a season the door constantly dries up or inflates, with inflated it is necessary to remove a small layer of wood and when the door will dry up - to make a lining with adjustable thickness. For its manufacturing it is necessary to take a rectangular piece of sheet copper or a brass which length is equal to the doubled thickness of a door, and width - 40-50 mm. This rectangle should be attached screws or nails to a vertical end face of a door approximately on half of its height, and second half to unbend outside in the form of twirled in a tape. Between metal plates it is necessary, to enclose a slice of a cardboard or the paper combined several times and to compress. Now a door it will be always good to be closed. Depending on its condition it is possible to regulate a thickness of a lining. .

In a case when the door opens hardly or locked, it is necessary to define at first, whether the uvula is displaced. It can be defined on scratches which the uvula leaves on zapornoj to a lath, or to rub with its transfer paper or a chalk. On prints it is visible, where it gets. If the uvula gets below a lath it, most likely, occurs that the door has settled. Then enough to strengthen loops.

In the event that the aperture is displaced aside, it is necessary to unscrew zapornuju a lath and to expand an aperture with a file. The door can not be locked so that between a door and vertical bruskom a door box the backlash is too great. Then it is necessary to remove zapornuju a lath and to enclose in it a lining which thickness steals up by practical consideration.