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Krupnorazmernye sheet materials

Application krupnolistovyh materials promotes reduction of plaster, painting and tiled works. Asbestotsementnye sheets become with various furnish of an obverse surface. They happen painted by enamels, smooth, corrugated, to decorative furnish by a method of the direct press simulating colour and structure of valuable breeds of wood or a natural stone, revetted with bumazhno-layered plastic. .

Surfaces of walls revet with sheet materials on a skeleton from wooden both antiseptirovannyh and antipirirovannyh bruskov on stoppers. For this purpose break surfaces of walls on zahvatki and mark installation sites of sheets. In the drilled apertures wooden stoppers are established. Horizontal bars are attached to them by section 40 X 25 mm on distance of 0,6 m from each other and vertical inserts from the same bar on the distance equal to width of sheet. Correctness of a skeleton is necessarily necessary for checking up proveshivaniem. After that raskraivajut asbestotsementnye sheets also drill in them apertures in diameter of 3,5 mm on distance of 5 mm from edge with step of 300 mm. Through the drilled apertures sheets krepjat to a wooden skeleton by means of screws. Seams between sheets and heads of screws are closed by aluminium apportions, which in turn krepjat the zinced screws. .

The Revetted surface should be equal, without through and superficial cracks, having chopped off, holes. The admissible curvature in all directions - 2 see .

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