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Alarm systems

At the equipment of system of protection of the house it is necessary to remember such means, as various alarm systems.

For maintenance of the control over all windows and doors in the house on them it is necessary to establish special gauges. Usually in such cases gauges of the broken glass, infra-red gauges of movement and presence, magnitokontaktnye and vibrodatchiki are applied. The information from gauges is transferred to the control panel by means of the computer or a telephone line. .

For the control over the territory directly adjoining an input in the house, are usually used movement gauges . At occurrence in a controllable zone of moving object the gauge transmits a signal on a control panel. Modern devices allow so to program detectors of the given kind that they did not react to movements of pets.

As the principle of work of such gauges is based on catching of infra-red radiation some imperfect models can submit an alarm signal at sharp change of temperature of air. Therefore selection of security means for the house and their installation is better to trust experts. .

Gauges razbitija glasses are focused on comparison of a spectrum of caught noise with a spectrum of the sounds accompanying damage of glasses. At coincidence of spectra the gauge includes the alarm system. .

Some gauges of this kind have two levels of work. At the first level blow on glass, on the second - it razbivanie is marked. If between receipt of these two signals on the gauge passes time to 150 mks the alarm signal moves. .

For installation on doors and windows are used magnitokontaktnye gauges more often. Their device is simple enough, and installation will not take away a lot of time. The cheapest, therefore for increase of degree of protection of a premise on each window or a door it is possible to establish these gauges on two detectors connected among themselves.

For installation of such gauge on opening part of a door or a window the small magnet is attached. Opposite to it on a frame or a door box the glass tubule with the tight contact soldered in it is established. At opening of a door or a window the magnet leaves from a tubule, there is a disconnection and gauge operation. .