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the Street door

Almost all architectural objects consist of the premises isolated from each other intended for the different purposes. To take, for example, modern apartment: in it some rooms, and at everyone the mission. All premises are connected among themselves by doors.

The Door has been thought up by the person still in those days when it, living in a cave, began to cover with its piece of a skin from a cold, and hardly later - for safety - the big boulder. Since then the door design was considerably is improved. .

As well as portals, a door usually consists of a frame densely inserted into an aperture in a wall, and the door cloth freely suspended to lateral door loops. As a lock on doors latches or door-locks are used.

In due course doors changed. They began to be made out by folded support and rich frames from precious metals with columns on both parties and crowning with their entablature, with sculptural ornaments, with difficult drawings and reliefs on door cloths. The aperture for a door was diversified also. It could be as a usual squared shape, and in the form of a lancet arch, a semicompasses etc. .

Doors in smart halls for celebrations or in cult premises did not differ almost on splendour and furnish from inputs of buildings and portals. The most interesting arrangement of doors making strong impression is the suite: doors of several next premises settle down on one axis in such a manner that at open door shutters all number of rooms forms the uniform space completely opened for a look and an easy access. But in any case the door should be a component of a wall and be entered in the general drawing of registration. .

Since the door Middle Ages, were carried out from usual boards and were decorated in the course of manufacturing by shod loops, canopies and heads. In baroque imported exotic wood was used. Later door shutters began to be varnished. The trellised doors shaped from iron with which decorated altars in South German churches especially effectively looked. The sample of such door of 1760 in half of height it is possible to see in Berlin at an entrance of the house of Ermler. .

During the same period in Europe begins mass zasteklenie doors which has led in due course found zastekleniju, recovered door shutters of a modernist style. .

In XX century glass doors have got extraordinary popularity. Today in many, especially public, buildings there were the doors made of uniform sheets of glass without any frame.