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Strengthening of entrance doors

One of the most important stages of work on maintenance of reliable protection of the private house is strengthening of an entrance door. As it was already mentioned, on a door should be established not less than 2 locks of different kinds. The distance between locks cannot be less than 45-55 mm. It is necessary to use only those locks which crossbars in the put forward position do not give in by pressing them. Otherwise, having done in a door box an aperture, it is possible to open easily the lock, pressing on crossbars. .

Except installation of safe locks, possibility of penetration into the house essentially decreases at strengthening of a door box and the door. On all surface a wooden door close sheet from metal in the thickness about 0,5 mm. It is in addition necessary to strengthen that place on a door where the lock is attached to it. The metal overlay cut in a door box is for this purpose used.

That at attempt to beat out a door it has not given in, the good attachment of a door box to a wall which is made by means of metal probes in the thickness not less than 2 sm, and is necessary in the length - 12-15 see In a door box and walls surrounding it it is necessary to drill 4-8 apertures into which the probes immersed in a wall not less are inserted than on 10 see especially carefully it is necessary to strengthen a door box in that place where lock crossbars enter into it.

It is necessary to give the Great attention to junctions of a door box with walls. It is necessary to cover all found out cracks with cement. For zadelyvanija wide cracks it is possible to apply armature. .

As Additional protection of a door against breaking probes of 1,5-2 sm strengthened in that end face of a door which loops join will serve in the thickness. Opposite to each core in a door box deepenings are drilled. It becomes that probes, leaving in apertures at the moment of door closing, fastened it to a wall more strongly and interfered it vylamyvaniju. Also it is possible to raise durability and stability of a door, having strengthened on it additional loops. Thus it is necessary to pay attention that access possibility to loops should remain only one - from within premises:

As Extras for lock-out of doors various latches and chains serve. But it is necessary to remember that they provide high degree of protection of premises from undesirable penetrations only in the event that are applied as addition to locks.

Metal doors

Last years at owners of houses and cottages metal doors use a great popularity. They are made usually of a steel which possesses high durability, and are a protection well-tried remedy. For installation of such door it is better to take advantage of services of masters from the firm specialising in area of maintenance of protection of houses and apartments. .

Has passed that time when the steel door the roughness and massiveness gave to an input in the house or apartment a kind of the huge bank safe. Modern technologies allow to make the strongest door indistinguishable on appearance from graceful plastic or wooden. For achievement of such effect various coverings are used.

At a door choice (for installation in the house) it is necessary to pay attention to its such elements, as loops and locks. Any lock even equipped with set of protective adaptations, will appear useless if does not possess the crossbars capable steadily to be fixed at vydviganii. It is necessary, that attachment places to a door of the lock and loops have been in addition strengthened. Is better to use for this purpose such strong materials, as special alloys of tungsten. All seams from welding should be only on an inside of a cloth of a door. .

It is necessary to give Special attention to space in a door. It is necessary to fill it with the fireproof substance possessing properties zvuko - and thermal protections. For this purpose usually use a basalt fibre, but in a greater degree listed qualities the so-called vacuum package possesses. It represents two glass sheets, from space between which air is extorted. Such filling of doors is better approaches those who wishes to establish the security alarm system in a door. Additional safety will be provided built in in a cloth of a door with a viewing eye.

At door installation it is necessary to check up carefully, whether is not present in external walls of a building of emptiness. At their detection unreliable places on a wall are necessary for strengthening by means of small sheets from a steel. .

Very important correctly to arrange about doors light sources and switches. At an input outside it is necessary to equip illumination with two switches one of which, located on an external wall of a building, should give the chance to include light only. The second (usual) switch is arranged indoors about an entrance door. Here it is necessary to place switches for internal illumination of a hall. All wires which are going out of doors, should be carefully disguised or covered under facade furnish.