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Technology of painting works

to reach high quality of painting works, it is necessary to prepare well before colouring surfaces.

The New concrete, plastered, plaster surfaces at first clear of a dust, then with the help leshchadi, skins or pumice eliminate roughnesses, roughnesses and other defects (on a dry surface). After that cut available cracks on depth not less than 3 mm, moisten with their water and cover specially prepared podmazkoj (look corresponding section more in detail) or a plaster solution. Then a surface rub clean a grater. It is necessary to prepare a plaster solution in the small portions as it very quickly hardens.

New wooden surfaces should be cleared of a dust and a dirt, and then than 3 mm are released from knots, zasmolov, stoppers by their cutting down on depth not less. After that it is necessary to cut cracks or cracks. If it not to make, at usyhanii some wood knots, zasmoly will act bugorkami on the painted surface and the paint will collapse (to burst, exfoliate).

Preparatory operations to painting of surfaces, before painted by an oil paint, depend on what is a surface and as the old paint keeps.

If plaster and an old paint on it keeps well enough to wash out a surface 2%-s' solution of soda. If in places the old oil paint has weakened, it scratch out partially or completely. When the old paint is covered by cracks and wrinkles, but to clean off it it is not possible, it is necessary to put on a surface smyvku, and then to remove shpatelem. It is possible to clear an old paint by means of a burning out a blowtorch. .

The Wooden surface with strong enough layer of an old oil paint before new colouring needs to be washed out warm water with soap or 2%-s' solution of soda. Even better after washing to clean a surface pumice with water. If on an old painting layer there are cracks, damages, backlogs from a surface an old paint clean off in the damaged places to the strong basis. Then these places follows proolifit, podmazat and to ground.

Metal surfaces or elements facade department-hell should be cleared of a rust and from the become unfit for use paint by means of a scraper, a metal brush, a skin (emery paper). They also should be cleared of a dirt, a dust, splashes of a plaster solution. .

For colouring enamel and vodoemulsionnymi surface paints prepare the same as before painting by oil paints. It is possible to paint with vodoemulsionnymi structures surfaces on old oil and other paints.

Before colouring by Swedish or Finnish emulsionnym structure svezhestrugannuju wood it is necessary obessmolit. For this purpose 2-3 times wipe a surface of wood 5-10%-s' solution kaltsinirovannoj soda with temperature 40-60 °Р, and then wash out warm water.

The Surfaces earlier painted by limy structures, it is necessary to examine, clear attentively from exfoliating nabela. Old nabela it is necessary to moisten a thick layer plentifully with hot water and after a while with the help shpatelja to clean off razmokshuju a paint and to wash out the cleared surface water.

The Surfaces earlier painted by a glutinous (cretaceous) paint to paint with glutinous structure it is impossible, because the new layer delays old and exfoliates from a surface together with it. The old glutinous paint can be cleaned off in a dry kind or to moisten with water (better hot) by means of a brush and then to clean off shpatelem or a scraper. For full removal clean a surface wash away hot water also by means of a brush. .

The Surfaces earlier painted kazeinovymi or silicate structures, are cleared by means of washing by 2-3%-s' solution of hydrochloric acid. Under the influence of acid a chalk vspuchivaetsja, and the old paint is easily cleaned off.

Ogruntovka of surfaces is the important operation in painting works and is spent to close a time and to create a layer of coupling of a paint with the basis.

Priming spend in one or several layers. A first coat put only on the dry and prepared surface a brush and carefully shade. At a repeated first coat the previous layer of earth, podmazki or shpatlevki should be well dried up. .

Under oil and enamel paints the surface is grounded pure drying oil or with addition in it by a few paints.

Ogruntovku under limy paints spend on a damp surface for the best coupling of a paint and increase of its durability. Ground mylovarom or other first coat, a suitable paint for this kind.

Under kazeinovye or silicate structures ground from a surface same, but more liquid paint. Under vodoemulsionnye structures carry out a first coat corresponding structure after preliminary proolifki and shpatlevki.

Before colouring by Swedish or the Finnish structure ogruntovka it is not required.

Under glutinous (cretaceous) paints a surface ground or mylovarom, or other first coat for an ego of a kind of paints. .

The Following operation in painting works after priming is podmazka. By means of corresponding podmazok (depending on a paint kind) eliminate defects on a surface. podmazku put shpatelem. Dried up podmazku smooth out (grind), and then ground.

After a first coat and podmazki a surface level (do by more smooth) with the help shpatlevki for a corresponding kind of a paint. .

Shpatlevku put a thin equal layer on all surface with the help shpatelja. The same as and podmazku, it smooth out after drying and again ground.

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