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the Terrace

The Terrace is the elementary summer premise ( fig. 68 ). It the same as also a porch, serves as a link between the house and space surrounding it. Its basic function - to be a cosy corner for rest in the open air, in summertime - a dining room. It can excellently serve and for the economic purposes: processings of garden and garden products and also to be a place of storage of subjects of a life.


a Fig. 68. A terrace

In general the open summer premise in the form of a terrace is of great importance for a country life. However its site should be chosen very cautiously. It is connected by that an arrangement of a terrace near the general room and its use in economic needs in the house intended for constant residing, leads to pollution of adjoining rooms. The arrangement of a terrace about kitchen functionally is very convenient. Is better to focus terraces towards a garden, a reservoir, the rivers or the seas.

The terrace Design depends basically on environmental conditions of that place in which the house, and from a building material is located. In a midland they, as a rule, have a roof and partially lateral protection, in southern areas are under construction in the form of the open areas limited on perimetre to only green plantings and decorative walls. .

Structurally the terrace is arranged the same as also a porch, basically from easy building materials. The terrace floor is arranged directly on the earth - on dry and motionless gruntah. That the floor is not protected from an atmospheric precipitation, it is not recommended to do its top covering of organic materials. In a case puchnistyh gruntov the terrace floor is arranged on beams, and bearing and protecting designs lean on motionless stolbchatye the bases. In this case it is necessary to do deal floors rarefied so that on them was not late rain and thawed snow. .

The terrace Roof in southern areas can be made of easy sun-protection designs or demountable shadow canopies. In a midland a covering over a terrace do usually of stationary designs with asbestotsementnoj a roof. In buildings with main walls and overlappings the terrace can be also with capital protecting designs in the form of a loggia. .

It is desirable, that the protection of a terrace and a house wall has been executed from one material. It is possible to apply lattices on which beautifully look various ampelnye plants and bushes, parapets, screens, three-leaved mirrors (trellised walls). For a protection also the green hedge perfectly approaches.

Usually for terrace building the tree is used. On wooden bruski the board flooring is imposed. The floor from boards turns out very pleasant and convenient. He creates sensation of a cosiness and does a terrace as though by living room continuation. But during a flooring it is necessary to remember following rules:

  1. Boards are imposed with an interval in 1 sm for tap from a terrace of an atmospheric precipitation.

  2. the Floor necessarily should be aired from below, and its wooden details to be isolated from a damp ground. .

  3. Preliminary all wooden details of a floor are necessary for processing protivognilostnym structure.

The terrace Floor can be laid out from natural stone plates or artificial tiles. Often enough terraces happen built in. The terrace can separately be under construction from the house and incorporate by means of the covered gallery which is carrying out a role of transition. It is convenient also that such terrace can be used as a summer kitchen. .