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the Tree

The Tree is considered one of the most ancient finishing materials. Simplicity in processing and a variety of a structure have made its attractive enough to use. Centuries carpenters improved the skill, applying various receptions of processing of wood, selecting the best. The modern industry lets out today the diversified facing materials from a tree.

Materials for furnish

For furnish of facades the mark tile "¤юышфЁхт" is used : in the size 500x500 mm and more and thickness of 6 mm. Especially well it approaches for facing of country houses and summer residences. There are two marks "¤юышфЁхтр": with smooth (PPG) and with decorative corrugated (PPD) a surface.

For facing of a surface of facades by a tile of this kind use mastic, glue, and seams close up decorative apportions. .

External walls can be sheathed only at wooden houses, using stroganye boards or gontovye plates. At obshivanii walls gontom numbers need to be put from below upwards. The top numbers do with napuskom on bottom, shifting, a vertical seam on half of board. The wall similar to scales of fish as a result should turn out. At facing of walls it is necessary to track that the tree was quality, without cracks and defects. All roughnesses on a wall surface are necessary for closing up wooden plates.

At a covering of surfaces stroganymi boards should be had them in vertical or horizontal position, fixing by means of nails. In the event that it is impossible to take advantage of nails, preliminary before a covering it is possible to attach a lattice from reek.

Thanks to a lattice between a wall and a covering there will be a small air layer which will protect a wall from dampness and will reduce heat conductivity of walls. .

At vertical position of a board horizontal rejki are attached to a wall through everyone half-metre.

Houses constructed of bars

At erection of the wooden house bruschatye walls gather at once on the ready base. Vpoldereva corners of the first wreath, others - on radical thorns or on shponkah incorporate. End-to-end angular connections of bars because of what blown vertical corners are formed are unsteadily carried out. The strongest connection becomes on radical thorns. .

To prevent horizontal shifts, bars are fastened among themselves vertical shponkami (nageljami) in diameter about 30 mm and in height 20-25 see After bar statement on a tow drill an aperture under nageli the depth equal to one-and-a-half height of a bar and on 2-4 sm exceeding length nagelja.

Besides, houses can gather from wooden boards with application of modern synthetic heaters, soft wood-fiber plates. The big possibilities for a change furnish of a facade of the house ( fig. 13 ) thus open. .

the Prefabricated house from wooden boards

a Fig. 13. The Prefabricated house from wooden boards

Since ancient times wooden houses could be decorated a various carving. Too it is possible to decorate the modern wooden house with carved sockets with symbolical patterns ( fig. 14 ), having given it unique shape. .

Decorative registration of wooden facades

a Fig. 14. Decorative registration of wooden facades

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