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the Wooden porch

The Most convenient material for porch construction considers a tree (especially a pine).

The Wooden porch happens two types: angular and direct. The porch which ladder march is located in parallel a house wall is called as angular. Such porch can be constructed with carved columns ( fig. 65 ), protections (baljasinami) of boards with a procarved carving and simple hand-rail. The porch top is decorated procarved podzorami. .

the Angular porch

a Fig. 65. An angular porch

The Tool for building of a porch and manufacturing of its details is required same, as for registration of platbands and podzorov. The tesanuju column can be made fine-moulded, but in this case it will be compound as it is very difficult to turn at once all column of necessary length. .

At manufacturing board baljasin in them are cut various klinovidnye apertures. Then drill perkoj a round aperture and narrow "¶рэхЁэющ" nozhovkoj or a fret saw cut apertures of the necessary form. .

On all taps baljasin (except face) edges are necessary for approximating slightly and carefully zashtukaturit. Fasten baljasiny by means of triangular reek. A hand-rail fill up from above so that almost round section has turned out. Polish almost to mirror shine at first with a large skin, then a skin with average grain. Definitive polishing is spent by a bunch of a dry marsh horsetail. .

To Straight lines the porch with a ladder march, perpendicular to a wall ( fig. 66 ) is called.

the Direct porch

a Fig. 66. A direct porch

The Technology of construction of a porch remains same. Distinction consists only that to walls which the porch adjoins, stuffed semicolumns are beaten. Tesanyj drawing remains same, as well as at columns. .

Baljasiny of a protection and a ladder are divided among themselves by identical pieces on the size strugannoj boards.